Welcome to the visitor’s website of the Land of Leeghwater. This exceptionally beautiful area is situated in the National Landscape Laag Holland, surrounded by cities as Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Edam.

Real Dutch
Here you will find the windmills, dikes, polders, two UNESCO world heritage sites (De Beemster and the Defence Line of Amsterdam), the ‘Mijzen- and Eilandspolder’ bird sanctuary, small real Dutch villages, such as De Rijp and many characteristic bed&breakfast accommodations.

Journey planner
This link will bring you to the national journey planner for public traffic. From every place in the Netherlands it will guide you to the villages in the Land of Leeghwater.

More information about public travel in Holland: Getting around in Holland

Food & drinks
Hiking and cycling makes you hungry. For a list of all restaurants: look on the page food & drinks.